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The Ukrainian High School Scholars Program at Manor College

This program, first initiated in 2012 and called The Ukrainian High School Scholars Program @ Manor College, officially affirms the educational value of Ukrainian Studies at the Ukrainian Heritage School by quantifying and qualifying graduating students with fully transferrable college transcript credits from Manor College.

Manor College was founded in 1947 by the Sisters of St. Basil the Great, a Ukrainian teaching order from Europe and South America and is the largest two-year college with Ukrainian roots in the United States. The Ukrainian Heritage School is America’s premier Ukrainian Saturday School located just outside the city of Philadelphia that serves both American children of Ukrainian descent as well as newly arrived Ukrainians from outside the United States who wish to retain their cultural heritage while still assimilating into American culture. The UHS is a program of the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center (UECC) located at 700 Cedar Road in Jenkintown, PA. The UECC is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1980. The objective of the UECC is to preserve and promote awareness of Ukrainian heritage throughout the community. The UECC houses over 30 professional, educational, scholarly and community organizations as well as a Ukrainian Library.

These two institutions are uniquely suited to complement one another in reinforcing and supporting Ukrainian cultural consciousness among its students. To that end, The Ukrainian High School Scholars Program @ Manor College was forged to enrich educational opportunities for students attending UHS by granting qualified graduates six college credits in Ukrainian Language Studies from Manor College. These credits enjoy the full weight and value of any Middle States accredited institution of Higher Education and are completely transferrable to any college or university program that includes language or other applicable liberal arts electives in the students curriculum.

Both Manor College and the Ukrainian Heritage School are committed to promoting the education and cultural development of children participating in the community life of the Philadelphia Area Ukrainian-American community. Furthermore, they seek to encourage school age children in the Ukrainian-American community to enroll in and benefit from the educational opportunities provided by The Ukrainian High School Scholars Program @ Manor College. To that end, other than a nominal administrative fee, the cost of these credits will be entirely covered by UHS. Information sessions with parents of UHS students concerning deadlines and eligibility take place throughout the Spring term.

Present at the signing of this historic agreement were Dr. Jonathan Peri, Manor College President; Sally P. Mydlowec, M. Ed, Manor College Executive Vice-President and Dean of Academic Affairs; and Dr. Stephen Grieco, Manor College Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Representing the Ukrainian Heritage School were Mykola Hryckowian, President UHS Board; Dr. Markian Shust, Vice-President UHS Board; and Natalie Firko, Vice-President UHS Board.


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