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Ukrainian Heritage School 2010-2011


Ukrainian Heritage School

The main objective of the Ukrainian Heritage School has been and is the education of its students in Ukrainian language and culture in order that they may retain their Ukrainian heritage and to prepare each person with the living, learning and working skills and values necessary for caring, productive, and fulfilling participation in our evolving international community. The school has been able to instill in these students a strong sense of their identity as Americans of Ukrainian descent, and an understanding of their responsibility to carry forward the Ukrainian tradition.

This mission has become even more relevant with the 1991 independence of Ukraine. As of the last few years, the school has received an influx of new students from Ukraine who desire to retain their cultural heritage as they assimilate into American culture. Students who are second or third generation Ukrainian-Americans now have more opportunity to use the knowledge gained in the Ukrainian Heritage School on their visits to Ukraine, and in colleges and universities as they pursue higher levels of education.

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UHS students visit the Ukrainian Library

The Ukrainian Library in the UECC is a specialized collection of books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials on Ukraine and Ukrainian subjects. The collection consists of items in the Ukrainian language, as well as publications about Ukraine in other languages, principally in English.  The collection has over 20,300 books (including 1,900 children's books) and is fully cataloged and retrievable by author, title or subject.  The Ukrainian Library is a lending library and has a reading area for current newspapers and periodicals, a section for children's and Ukrainian Scouting (Plast) literature, a copier and computers. The Library currently has over 450 members. Students and teachers from the Ukrainian Heritage School have free use of the library. Other members pay an annual due of $10 for adults or $5 for senior citizens.


Dedicated volunteers under the direction of the librarian, Iryna Kurylec, perform all library work. The Library has helped organize films for the Ukrainian Heritage School and Svitlychka – the Ukrainian Co-Op Nursery School, as well as teaches the students the methods of using the catalogs and how to locate needed materials in the Library.


Hours of Ukrainian Library Operation from September to May:

Monday:       4:00 pm -  8:00 pm

Tuesday:      11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Saturday:     9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Hours of Ukrainian Library Operation in June - July:

Tuesday:       11 am - 3 pm


Library will be closed in August.


Phone: 215-663-5792



The Ukrainian American Senior Citizen Association is one of the most valued programs of the UECC. The association helps to organize  cultural life with a monthly scheduled gathering and with a speaker or other program. The Association strives to make life better for the elderly in Philadelphia and to encourage independence by offering a community support system in matters of concern to the aging population.



The Association’s members who are sick, those living in nursing homes and homebound elderly, as well as those who because of age or frailty are unable to take part in community activities are given care and attention by the Association’s “Social Services for Members Committee”.


The Ukrainian American Senior Citizen Association meets on the 3rdWednesday of every month at 11:00 am with guest speakers. Members can get free blood pressure screenings on the 1st Wednesday of each month and take part in the free exercise program each Tuesday morning. 


The Association has a total of 200 members. Dues are $5 per year and anyone over 52 years of age is encouraged to join for personal growth, well being and for the good of the Ukrainian Philadelphia community.