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Філадельфія і УОКЦ підтримують Україну!

The Euromaidan was a wave of ongoing demonstrations and civil unrest In Ukraine, which began on the night of 21 November 2013 with very large public protests demanding closer European integration. The scope of the protests has since evolved, with many calls for the resignation of President Yanukovych and his government. Protesters also have stated they joined because of the dispersal of protesters on 30 November and "a will to change life in Ukraine".  


By 25 January 2014 the protests had been fueled by the perception of widespread government corruption, abuse of power, and violation of human rights in Ukraine.


Kiev Protesters Find Backup in Philly

by Jeff Brady February 20, 2014 4:00 PM

As another day of clashes unfold in Kiev, Americans with Ukrainian ancestry are looking on in concern. The large Ukrainian-American community in Philadelphia is holding rallies to support protesters.

Action News Channel 6 Report - Amid unrest abroad, local Ukrainian community rallies together;  January 26, 2014 (WPVI) 

To view article and video on ABC's site, please click here.


Members of the local Ukrainian community rallied and prayed for peace in their native country. They peacefully sang their country's anthems in North Philadelphia on Sunday night.

At the same time, in their homeland of Ukraine, deadly protests continued to escalate against the country's government.


"I hope people can achieve their dreams of democracy," said George Horobetz. "What's going on is worse than the communists," said Eugene Brenycz.


The protests began in November when the Ukrainian president refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union in favor of stronger economic ties with Russia. On Sunday afternoon, members of the Philadelphia Ukrainian community began a caravan from Jenkintown and through Philadelphia. They waved their flags, shower their colors and got support from natives of neighboring countries. Their message was clear, they want the dictatorship in their country to stop.


"Make sure everyone is aware of what's happening in the country and do whatever we can to raise support here whether it's financial or informing the right politicians to make movements happen," said Taisa Hewka.


The caravan ended at a Ukrainian Catholic church in North Philadelphia. Many don't know how else to help but to pray. An early evening mass brought everyone inside for prayer.


"You think about the people freezing outside for three weeks and us just to take a ride over here to come out to pray is very important," said one parishioner.


Parishioners traded stories about what family and friends on the front lines are reporting back and it didn't give much comfort.


"My husband's parents, sisters, brothers, everybody - they're so scared," said Mariya Loda. However the solidarity in Philadelphia did give some relief to those waiting for the unrest to end. "Ukraine we are with you, it means we are with you through everything, all the way," said Yuliya Loda.




Local Ukrainians Show Support

The Ukrainian American Citizens Associationg gathered in Philadelphia to show their support of their country amid the conflict going on abroad.; Jan 27, 2014

Automaidan in Philadelphia - Say No to to dictatorship in Ukraine.

Діяспоро, Допомагаймо Україні -- Diaspora, Let's Help Ukraine!

To contact President Obama:


1. Weekdays 9-5 call the President’s Comment Line 1-202-456-1111 - Then leave a message.


Any message will do – it does not have to be long or elaborate


I am asking President Obama to directly condemn the actions of the Ukrainian government against its own people.


 I am asking President Obama to impose sanctions against President Yanukovich and the Ukrainian government.


 The Ukrainian people need your help now.


 Thank You.


2. Leave an online message to the President.


Go to  

In the upper right hand corner click Contact Us

In the upper left hand portion click on “Submit Comments & Questions”

Or cut and paste the following link  


Enter all the required fields


Who are you trying to contact – select President Obama

Enter your name, email, and address.


Enter your comment. Again, it does not have to be elaborate or long. It can be the same comment as given above.

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3. Leave an online message to your Senators:


Go to  

In the upper right hand corner, click on the Find Your Senators Box – and select your State and then click GO

For example:  Select PA or NJ or DE

Two Senators will pop up. Click on the contact link, as shown below

Fill in all the fields, your name, address, email,

For the subject, choose Foreign Relations

Use the same text as above.

Call 10 friends and ask them to the same, i.e. call the President and Senators, and then call 10 more friends. DO NOT ASSUME everyone is calling. Please call your friends and convince them they have to call. It is currently 0 to 5 deg F everyday in Kyiv. People are dying. The Ukrainian people need your help.



4. Leave an online message to your Representatives:


Go to  

In the upper right hand corner, enter your ZIP CODE . The click GO.

If only one congressman pops up, click on his name. Otherwise you may have to enter your full address.

After you click on your congressman’s name, click on Contact US or Contact Me.

Follow the instructions – enter name, etc., enter your comment, hit submit.




I am asking you to directly condemn the actions of the Ukrainian government against its own people.


I am asking you to impose sanctions against President Yanukovich and the Ukrainian government.


 The Ukrainian people need your help now.


 Thank You. 

Video from the Rally in support of Ukraine and Euromaidan, November 27, 2013

Rally at the UECC November 27, 2013

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