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Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow emergency plans for the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center

The National Weather Service is forecasting a major blizzard for our area that will drop as much as 16 inches of snow between Friday night and Sunday morning. The storm promises to be severe with winds up to 35mph and heavy wet snowfall throughout the day Saturday and into the night until Sunday morning. Abington Township (where we are located) has declared a snow emergency from Friday night until Sunday morning.

In light of the above and in the interest of the safety of our employees and those people who utilize the Center we may need to close and wait out the storm. The Center will be open until 10:00 pm on Friday night. If the snowfall over night is relatively light (less than 4-5 inches) we will attempt to open the front part of the facility on Saturday morning. If the snowfall is over 5 inches and the road and weather conditions are hazardous we will not open at all on Saturday. Otherwise, we will try to stay open until 12:00 noon and then close the Center completely and remain closed until Monday morning, when we will be able to begin digging out of the snow.

We regret that these measures are necessary and wish everyone a safe and warm weekend.

Mark Tarnawsky, Executive Director

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