Welcome to the UECC! Вітаємо Вас в УОКЦентрі! Наш Центр - наш дім!


We encourage our members and community to support events here at the UECC or at local Ukrainian organizations.


For upcoming events please visit our calendar and www.hromadaphila.org .




Joanne Rydzewski

Golden Lion

Kobzar Society

Soloveiko Inc.

Myroslavas Creations

Roksolana Gilicinski

Halyna Mudryj


Jim & Yulia Clark

Kvitka Music




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The UECC and the Greater Philadelphia community support Ukraine! To learn more and to see how you can also make a difference please click here

Ukraine provides unlimited opportunities for investments with its highly-skilled professionals, proximity to the core transport hubs of the region and being driven by a new generation of leaders. Ukraine is Open for U!