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ACEP stands with all countries, organizations and individuals throughout the world who have condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This unprovoked act of war must stop. It has already resulted in the loss of civilian lives and homes and uprooted hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukrainians.

We join with others in sending our love and compassion to the people of Ukraine and hope for a peaceful, just resolution to this conflict.

There are many ways we can help. In addition to sending our love, the tools of energy psychology are particularly helpful in war-torn situations. If you know anyone who is in, or has connection in Ukraine, please share these resources with them.

And... these are great tools to use yourself if you're feeling anxious or stressed.


Please share these free resources widely on social media. 


1. We've created a web page in Ukrainian that contains some key Resources for Resilience. It includes 5, free self help videos that anyone can use to relieve stress, anxiety and trauma, while building resilience. Access it here.


2. We've translated our Resources for Resilience brochure into Ukrainian and Russian. You can download Ukrainian here and Russian here. We shared the Ukrainian brochure on Facebook a few days ago, and it has already reached over 37,000 people.

3. If you wish to contribute financially to help the humanitarian crisis this act of war has created, here are a few options. There are many more.

Please Help Ukraine!

The UECC urges all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to:

  1. Immediately write to your Congressional representatives, senators, and the President calling to stop Russia’s war and support Ukraine.

  2. Share the truth about Russia’s war against Ukraine with the media in your area.

  3. Boycott all Russian goods and services - do not finance Putin's war machine!