Volume Knob

Featuring a literary corner, current news from Ukraine, Ukrainian classical and contemporary music, medical moments and a local community events calendar.


Over 80 volunteers have helped since its inception. 


Ukrainian Radio Program Director:

Borys Zacharczuk

Staff members include:

Ivan Prasko, Osyp Roshka and Halyna Kozak

Music/Technical Directors:

Orysia and Petro Hewka

Darko Kernytsky


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Complete the appropriate form and either mail with your payment to the UECC or bring it in during regular office hours.


Fees/Rates are posted on the forms.

Ask to speak to the Director of the program if you would like to consider a long-term (year or half-year) contract.

Deadline for submission for the Saturday airing

Wednesday by 4pm.


Fax submission to 215-663-8572.


Your greetings may be either in Ukrainian or English. 

Forms may also be picked up in the UECC Office. 

UECC's Radio Program

Saturdays 9AM-10AM

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