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Organizations at the UECC

Organizations in blue are Programs of the UECC

Programs of the UECC have a physical base of operation at the Center. Their missions help the UECC realize its own mission of promoting, supporting, conducting and maintaining social services and educational programs fostering language, history, arts and crafts relating to Ukrainian heritage and culture.

Accolada Chamber Choir  /  Bohdan Henhalo

ARC Investment Club  /  Sharon Harvey

Dzvin  /  Nestor Kyzyyszyn

Plast USO - National Executive Office  /  Andrea Zharovsky

Prometheus Male Chorus  /  Paul Halas

Society of UPA  /  Zenovia Kowalczyn Brozyna

Soloveiko Gift Shop  /  Ivan Kulak

Ukrainian American Youth Association (CYM) Philadelphia Branch  /  contact

Ukrainian American Veterans, Post 1  /  Edward Zetick

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Phila. Branch  / Eugene Luciw

Ukrainian Engineers Society of America  / Petro Hewka

Ukrainian National Association - Philadelphia District  /  Luba Walchuk

UNWLA Regional Council  /  Stefania Perrong, Larysa Zaika

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